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We live in a world where people flip out over spoilers in reviews of movies and TV, where critics have for years put spoiler warnings at the start of their work, yet to extend that basic 30 second worth of effort to victims and survivors is considered the end of all journalism and composition.
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my favourite part of shakespeare plays is the person at the end that is like “see how these people fucked everything up. don’t do this. look at this fuckery. look at it. fuck this. fuck everything.”

drake is so much more tolerable through the lens of linguistics

drake is so much more tolerable through the lens of linguistics

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life is terrible and lonely and violent

I bet cash money Bill Cosby doesn’t get 1/90000 of the blowback for his real life abuse that Hov got for his dumb lyric abt cake
We are in the midst of an ongoing, quiet epidemic of sexual violence, now as always. We are not in the midst of an epidemic of false rape charges, and that fact is important here.
You do not have the right to tell anyone to shut up. You did the crime, and though you didn’t do the time, you will have to live with people bringing up the fact that you are a vile human being and a rapist for the rest of your life. Do I think that’s enough for what you did? Not at all. But it’s all we can do now, so suck it up.

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